Original Gaco Oil Seals from Orinoco Bearings, Leeds, UK.

George Angus and Co. (GACO) Oil Seals

  GACO represented seal production in its widest form. We stock many of the various ranges of seal as previously made by George Angus and Co and can refer to the archives to offer sizes and specifications that have long since been made obsolete. If you have a sample, or a drawing or even just the rough dimensions of a seal, send us the details and we will do the rest.

No matter what the size and no matter what the quantity.... If its a GACO seal you want, we are here to help.

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GACO – the name recognised world wide for quality seals as manufactured by George Angus and Co of Wallsend, England.

GACO had a huge product range including :

  • GACO Oil Seals
  • The ranges of Gaco Oil Seal available include:
  • GACO O-Rings
  • GACO U-Rings
  • Series U and UM
  • GACO  Cup Seals
  • Rubber, Rubber and Fabric, Leather or Polyurethane.
  • GACO Hat Packings
  • GACO Wiper Seals
  • GACO Internal Distributor Seals
  • GACO External Distributor Seals


Gaco Seals

Most GACO type seals can still be supplied in a variety of materials to Imperial or Metric dimensions.


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