Original Gaco Oil Seals from Orinoco Bearings, Leeds, UK.

George Angus and Co. (GACO) Oil Seals Directory


Below are examples of GACO SPECIAL Oil Seal references - This list is not comprehensive.

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Gaco Seals - IN Series

IN1430 IN15356 IN21576
IN21601 IN21631 IN23765
IN24293 IN24444 IN24849
IN25601 IN26844 IN27922
IN28630 IN31311 IN31671
IN33411 IN33756 IN33757
IN33758 IN33759 IN33760
IN35514 IN36994 IN37210
IN37321 IN37560 IN37966
IN3825 IN38902 IN39589
IN39622 IN40142 IN4055
IN40752 IN41427 IN42445
IN42543 IN43070 IN43692
IN43715 IN43854 IN46620
IN44894 IN45065 IN45842
IN45892 IN45954 IN45976 SIS75
IN46754 IN46837 IN46865
IN46955 IN47004 IN47246 VITON
IN47733 IN47948 IN50957
IN48611 IN48618 IN48619
IN48622/1 IN48634 IN48654
IN49361 IN49375 IN49621
IN49798 IN50850 IN50997
IN50998 IN51123 IN51125
IN51310 IN51311 IN51865
IN52004 IN52039 IN52134
IN52722 IN52857 IN53396
IN53111 SV75 IN5919 IN5924

Gaco Seals INA Series

INA40227 INA40568 INA41438 SIS75
INA42016 INA46099 INA46289 SIS75
INA46351 INA46360 SV75 INA46799 SIS75
INA47733 INA47733A INA51029
INA51333 INA51727 INA51826 SV75
INA52545 INA52658 INACSC14

Gaco Seals INC Series

INC34287 INC42497 INC44854
INC45535 INC45535A INC46483
INC47211 INC48351 INC48725
INC48785 INC49095 INC49283
INC49389 INC49618 NC49684
INC498707 INC51003 INC51028
INC51197 INC51241 INC51418
INC51726 INC51785 INC51786
INC52004 INC52487 INC52601
INC52787 INC52812 INC52861

Gaco Seals IND Series

IND33411 IND43853 IND44168
IND45094 SIS75 IND45221 SIS75 IND45226 SIS75
IND45227 SIS75 IND45228 SIS75 IND45229 SIS75
IND45233 SIS75 IND45234 IND45845
IND45846 IND45855 IND46380
IND46443 IND46504 IND46642
IND46643 IND46644 IND46645
IND46942 IND46943 IND46945
IND46946 SE70 IND46977 IND47145 SIS75
IND47246 IND47293 IND47297
IND47315 SIS75 IND47316 SIS75 IND47317 SIS75
IND49248 IND49258 IND49430
IND49564 IND49657 IND50168
IND50400 IND51181 IND51568

Gaco Seals IS Series


Gaco SIND Series

SIND44470V SIND47887 SIND48028
SIND48240 SIND49076 SIND49094
SIND49251 SIND49747 SIND50088


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